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Chinese or American Brand Tire?

The Chinese tire market has expanded by leaps and bounds. With so many choices how do you select a good brand, with a reliable history? Everywhere you turn, there are so many different brands, so many different names, it's quite confusing! But don't worry, we have taken the guesswork out of the equation for you. We have made it easy for you, our customer, to make a educated decision and knowing which Chinese tire is the best tire.

After years of doing research, spending thousands of dollars to attend Tire Conventions and Seminars, while also trying out several different types and brands of tires, we have partnered with the Long March factory in China for over 5 years now and bring with great confidence our Koryo Brand Steer, Drive & Trailer Tires! 

Koryo is a quality , state of the art factory and their track record of bringing long lasting, safe tires is unsurpassed in the Chinese Tire Market.

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